Mistress Slaves

Mistress Slaves

Mistress Sökes

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Slavery has humbled him.

Spankings have taught him self control. Kindness has made him worship her ever more deeply. His every aim is to please her and would be lost without her guidance.

Slave Sökes

Please us send an E-Mail to info@swingersstockholm.se

First one requires a male who wishes to serve a Lady, first and foremost. The male should be trained by a Domme. The training period will vary but certainly not in a few days but quite a few months, at least 6~9 minimum. The Domme will see if the male is ready to Totally Accept a position of servitude. The last thing a Domme wants is a stupid non-thinking submissive who only serves as a “slave” for his own pleasures.

Wankers need not apply. That is why a longer training period.When a true submissive with a strong personality offers to serve, go slowly with the training part. The trainee needs to do it at least 2~3 times a week for whole days at a time. If the trainee cannot spare the time, no matter the reason, look elsewhere.

Training is usually done at a Lady’s place where the submissive can do the menial tasks of everyday. Cleaning Her place, doing laundry, making snacks.

Trainees will learn to to enamel nails, hands and especially feet. Prepare baths and wash and massage You. The trainee can be used for sex, but it really only be for oneself! There is NO Need for a punishment/play period for the trainee’s work. Occasional such for discipline, or for good work, or best for the Lady’s pleasure and gratification. The trainee will show and speak of certain preferences. Some must always be respected. You do not have to make an “a-la-cart” menu of wants or denials.

Now here is one of the very difficult parts. The Lady doing the training should not be the final Owner! Train the submissive till it feels natural to be kept naked, to serve thus and serve Her personal friends. Embarrassment and humiliations are part of the training. Ladies normally have a few “special” friends who would enjoy the whole concept. When You know the submissive is ready, let the proposed “Friend” play/discipline the trainee with You. Question Her on Her wants and desires.. When You know the submissive is ready, allow to be taken for meals all 3 together. Tell the trainee that permission is granted to escort the other Lady to a coffee shop or restaurant.

The Lady may not “use” the trainee in any way..except like doing an errand. No really personal things!

Towards end of training do not allow the trainee to be ever completely naked before the proposed new Owner. There are way more males wanting to serve, so be gracious. If You notice that your sub really likes the Lady…It’s all systems go!

Invite the Lady to Your place, You will have seen, if there is a want of owning. Knowing that place trainee in Your area of discipline/play but fully dressed. Make sure you have spare clothes for later, simple items, jeans, top, no underwear again.

Blindfold the trainee and bring the Lady to inspect and discipline. Playing before allows One to know Her capabilities..

A St. Davids cross is a very good item! Anyway cut the clothing off Your trainee. The hands should be tied or cuffed behind. Once fully naked, the trainee should always be completely free of body hair esp. the pubic area. The Lady will inspect the product most thoroughly.

Then as a Domme Lady and as a wonderful friend, say “Milady, I wish to give this slave to You. For Your use and pleasure. For as long as You like! When You are tired You can give it back to me, or to any other needing Domme. You may allow other Domme ladies to use Your slave”.

The slave if well trained, wants the other Lady, will happily go to Her service. If not happy will adjust. For a trial period You can both share the slave.. On occasions this slave has been given to other Ladies for periods to enforce the slavery.

A slave learns at these moments, “it” and not me or I or i !

It is an owned piece such as a dog, horse or item of some value that belongs completely to it’s owner. The moment of being given was both a shock and the greatest joy in a slave;s life. A collar can be given much later. Usually on first anniversary.

The Lady is extremely happy. The slave? Well it ain’t always easy but the love and adoration this slave receives worth all the work and devotion.

slave would do anything to protect it’s Owner!

Trust & Love: The Basis of a Female Led Relationship

Regler och PriserAbove all she would recognize my submission to her as something intrinsically valuable and desirable possess. A fair exchange or equivalent to the dominance she gives in return. She would be exacting, taking full advantage of the power given to her, but would be capable and willing to share the pleasure from my gift of submission. Submission is in a real sense a gift, not in the sense of something that is transferred by one person to another without any expectation of receiving something in return, but in the sense of something that is freely and willingly given. I choose to submit, it is not something that another can demand or take from me by force.


She would first and foremost, be firmly in control of her own life and emotions, otherwise how could she inspire confidence in me that she could control mine. She would possess the capacity to be stern and demanding when it was called for, even to the point of provoking me to cry real tears. But she would also have the capacity to act as the consummate lover, able to kiss those tears away, without stepping out of character. In times of trouble she could easily step outside the role of Mistress to be a supportive friend, lover and partner, never forgetting that above all else we were together joined in a loving relationship between two caring human beings. She would be quick to grasp the differences between fantasy and reality and would never demand that I put her before my career or family, simply to satisfy capricious needs.

To win my mind, body, spirit, and love she would understand that she must first win and then continually nurture my trust. She would manifest humor, intellect, kindness and warmth. She would demonstrate wisdom in her guidance and training inspiring confidence in me that she was knowledgeable, deserving of my devoted attention and that she is a woman I can learn from and whose direction I could always implicitly trust. She would be romantic and protective making me feel that our relationship was something she jealously safeguarded and considered precious. She would demonstrate to me that she is someone I can lean on and depend on.

She would nurture and nourish my submission by instructing me in her lessons of obedience and would be a strong and unyielding teacher. She would accept no flaw, nothing less than my very best efforts at attaining her ideal of submissive perfection. She would never discipline without good reason or in anger. When it was necessary she would always discipline with a knowledgeable and careful hand.

She would always be open to communication and discussion, always willing to hear my wants, needs and desires, even if ultimately she decided that they were not things she considered to be in my best interests. She would be patient, taking time to learn my limits, fully aware that as my trust in her grows, so would my willingness to have my limits stretched and challenged.

She would fully comprehend that I submit to her out of my deeply felt desires and need to please her. My compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment. She would understand the fragile nature of the mind and body and would never purposely violate the trust given to her. She would be secure enough to laugh at herself and the absurdities of life, open-minded enough to explore and learn new things, and strong enough to grow. Her tools would be mind, body, spirit, and love. She would understand that each partner in a relationship gains most from pleasuring the other and that in the final analysis trust and love are the only bindings that truly hold.

The Superior Female’s Rule

What is this secret place of dark desire hidden deep within my soul? What brings me crawling to its rusty iron gate day after day, night after night trying to resist that delicious dose of Female Domination? Is it the heady smell of sweet surrender that lingers above this forbidden land like the heavy mist creeps in to obscure some lonely, distant moor? It is a sweet aroma to be sure, but it demands a heavy price for its intoxicating scent

If it would only remain hidden behind those layered walls of guilt and shame, there would be no need to fear what i might do next. If i could only look the other way when an image suddenly appears to trigger a response from that secret, sinister place hidden way down deep inside. If i could only block my ears from hearing words that rush in to beat the drums for blind obedience, i might be saved. For these stir the air that carries the aroma; provocative words and images are what starts it swirling behind those wicked walls. This is what creates the current that carries it through that ominous gate that is but a pseudo sentry keeping nothing in and nothing out. This is where that sinful scent begins its relentless ride upon that seductive gentle breeze to find me.

With infinite patience and malice, it seeks me like it has so many times before to titillate, taunt and tease. There was a time when it came at me with a sudden intensity that refused to be denied; when it surged ahead to suck me in and hold me in its grasp. But that time has slowly faded. Endless journeys have worn a crooked path that has become an easy trail to follow. Where’s the rush? Where is the need to hurry when the one it seeks can so easily be found? And, although i attempt to shield myself with the strength of my convictions, why do i always feel the need to relinquish my control? With resolve and determination i struggle on; i bravely refuse the temptation to grovel at Her feet. But like all brash proclamations, the words are easier said than done. For one who has never tasted the addictive dose of the Superior Female’s rule, there is a fighting chance. But once that forbidden fruit is eaten, the taste lingers on the palette making everything else seem maudlin, banal and bland. Once you’ve felt the rush, you are only too eager to give in, give up and submit. You have only to fall to your knees willing to accept the price that must be paid to enter Her sacred garden where She rules with all the power and glory

If She is strong enough to take my power, if She is strong enough to demand my obedience, then i must serve at the feet of the One who has captured me. i know it is wrong and it is this very dose of delicious degradation that drives me to feel the sting of Her hand and a longing to be aroused by Her words of humiliation that will have me groveling at Her feet to worship the Feminine power that i can never have. i beg for the privilege of submitting to the conquering Heroin to receive the discipline i so justly deserve, and so desperately covet.

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